Hilary V.

Working with Western Specialized is easy, efficient, and definitely cost-effective. Our company uses them regularly for LTL truckloads as well as for temporary storage at their warehouse facility. They have provided the best rates and quickest turnaround time of all of the companies we have used in the past; they provide quotes within minutes and coordinate the truckloads the same day. On the storage side, the conditions in the warehouse are immaculate, and they are able to transfer the goods to our warehouse when we need them – even on short notice! We always prefer to support a local business, and Western Specialized has made it easy to keep them as our #1 choice!

Jean G.

Always friendly staff , very reliable and will try to help in any way possible!

Jesus Food

The space at Western Specialized has been a Godsend, without which we would not be able to feed the starving. Rob and the crew at Western are helping to save lives and we are very thankful for their help.